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Miles for Scotch & Soda S/S 2013

Miles for Scotch & Soda S/S 2013
Miles for Scotch & Soda S/S 2013.
Anonymous said:
Lovely Miles site! A friendly addition to the convo about Miles and the show package. He did have a showcard last time: models. com/oftheminute/?p=62154 and the time before that: models. com/oftheminute/?p=58026. This actually would be his first time being excluded in DNA's NY package recently. That said, I agree with you all, he's so in demand, and his rank and name have grown so much, it's very possible he just doesn't need to go through those channels for bookings.Hope we see him.

I distinctly remember seeing him in the sept. 2013 show package but I must’ve missed the feb. 2014 one, thank you for the receipts. 

we can only wait and see at this point, but yeah it’s possible he doesn’t need those kind of filters to get gigs anymore or he simply doesn’t have it in him to do it right now. fingers crossed we’ll see him though, like throw us a bone here bruh we’re starving. 

and thank you! glad you enjoy the blog :**

Anonymous said:
Can I cry because Miles' hipbones are killing me

i feel like there is a pun in here somewhere cause they are just THAT sharp.

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Miles McMillan - Forever 21, "Best Summer Ever" Summer Campaign (x).
Anonymous said:
Such a fab blog. I've been sitting on the sidelines observing until now, and I've seen how cool you guys seem in your anon answer sprees and I want to join in. So fun. You all are so nice. I have questions if you don't mind: 1. Miles seems to have shot with people closely affiliated w/the same brand (in N.Y. and S.F), do you all have a guess on how long it would take for pics of him to show up if that's accurate? One of the people deleted their pic of him, but I'm staying on the lookout. Lol.

thank you! that’s very sweet of you hun. glad you’ve enjoyed it so far :**

in regards to your question, when it comes to the big brands (think H&M, Forever 21, Scotch & Soda, Tomy Hilfiger, etc.), it doesn’t take too long as it’s a seasonal thing and the campaigns have a due date. I’ve noticed it usually takes about 2 months aprox for your average campaign to be available for the public. sometimes it takes a bit more (or less) but you can be positive you’ll end up seeing it eventually. now when it comes to the smaller brands/magazines/independent designers (or photographers), it might take longer and it’s somewhat unpredictable. re the photographer who deleted their picture of him, it might also have to do with keeping things as hush hush and as undisclosed as possible as many brands (and magazines) request for their shoots not to be unveiled in any way or form until they’re 100% ready for public consume. I used to work for a magazine and during shoots they always asked us not to post anything on instagram, not even behind the scenes stuff. some other brands don’t care as much. it depends bb.



Anonymous said:
I swear, this is my favorite blog. not even because it's miles, but also because it's like being with a really chill group of your best friends. (granted it's a group of your friends where all you talk about is one thing, but there's nothing wrong with that.) even though I don't really know you guys.

Awwww thank you bb :*
You are all so sweet and respectful, we are BFFs ✌️😘

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